Our fashion photoshoot

As part of our coursework for our Fashion Communication module at uni, we had to create a fashion magazine and organize our own fashion photoshoot.

It was amazing the amount of stuff we were able to blag!! The clothes were borrowed from vintage stores and boutiques in Aberdeen - Rosehip and Tutu, The Closet, and Coco Violet. A lady, who owns the company Sweet Lily Adams, made us two big boxes of cupcakes and our makeup was done by Benefit at Boots. The photographer, Colin Thom (www.colinthom.com) was amazing, producing some really nice photos.

The theme was girly and pretty. There was so many images, it was really hard to cut it down to the 6 I wanted to appear in the magazine. Here's the ones I chose:

We also did another shoot, with a more sort of grungey feel to it, which worked really well. Here is some of the pics from that (note my parka!!):


  1. Adorable pictures!
    Thanks for sharing this dress combination with us. I would like to share mine dressing sense for tall women with you.


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