2010 Fashion Round up : No. 6 - Sex and The City 2

Happy new year everyone!! Hope you all had a good one :D

Back to our best of 2010 fashion roundup, and number six had to be the 2nd Sex and The City film!

As Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte returned to our screens with a second movie, the fashion enthusiasts waited on the edge of their seats to see the new outfits. Me being one of them! On the opening night, my friends and I definitely did it in style - heading down to revolution for cosmo's, then to the cinema for some giggles, then back home to a  surprise party and a stripper! (It's not as bad as it sounds, it was all done for my friends birthday!)

Cosmopolitan anyone?!Cosmopolitan anyone?!

The film itself was a little disappointing - perhaps more style than substance. The outfits were great... the story line was a bit dull. It was not so much Sex and The City, as it was "Marriage in Abu Dhabi".  But of course, they all looked fabulous :

Patricia Field (SATC stylist) : "Miranda’s dress is gorgeous, by the way — that dress is an antique. When I first met Cynthia Nixon at the beginning of the series, she said to me, 'Pat, you're the expert, I'm not into fashion, just dress me, I trust you.' That was a compliment, but in a way it posed a problem, because anyone with any opinions gave them, and Miranda’s style became a muddle. But after the series was over, Cynthia's lifestyle took an abrupt, personal change, and I think it really impacted her"

Patricia Field : "Oh, this is my homage to Galliano — I love him; Sarah Jessica loves him. And so I use him a lot just because I love his clothes. The J’adore Dior is a vintage piece, about ten years old, and it was just sitting there and we were like, ‘Where the hell are we going to use this?’ And that skirt is really a crinoline under a gown — it’s a slip, and it was beautiful. So I said, 'Let’s use the slip as a skirt and do our Carrie, funk-it-up style with that Dior T-shirt.'

Patricia Field : There’s a side of Samantha that I like to underline, that instead of being overly dolled up, [if you] just pull her back to something simple, it gives her a lot of youth. It was a more understated kind of Samantha outfit, not overly thought out. These women go shopping, they have cocktails, all in these clothes. They live out the fashion magazine. It’s part of the fantasy.

Patricia Field :
In this shot, Carrie has a potpourri on." (This is the $50,000 outfit.) "That’s a Chanel skirt over a pair of jeans by the Blonds, the same design team that made Samantha’s dress. They have all these cuts and slits in them, behind which are Swarovskis and studs. And it’s just a simple blouse she’s wearing, I think it's vintage, which is classic Carrie. Charlotte’s wearing a vintage YSL that I found at a vintage dealer in New York. Here, Miranda's wearing an old Halston, which I used a lot of in the movie. It’s green, one of those colors that not many women can wear, but that looks great on her. I’m not sure what’s going on with her hair, though. I don’t like it curled up that way. Hair-makeup and wardrobe are two different departments. I love Samantha’s dress! It’s from a design team that I have a personal relationship with called the Blonds.

And my personal favourite :

Patricia Field : The Halston. We got it originally from a vintage dealer, and that started the whole Halston idea for the movie. I wanted to open up with one, because I feel very strong about what Halston represents in fashion, particularly at this point, when it’s post-shoulders and balloon dresses and whatever. Plus, the white color; it just defines that chic simplicity. When they got out in the Middle East, they got more into the flying-carpet thing, but in New York, I really liked that simple chic.

Despite the lack of a story-line, I still saw the film three times in the cinema- I think the fashion made up for it! That, and Samantha's hilarious quotes :

Miranda: "You brought a dog to a wedding?"
Samantha: "Well it's a gay wedding, what's one more little b*tch?"

Charlotte: "So your going to the premiere with Smith as friends?"
Samantha: "Yes, but I may throw him a f*ck if I like the movie."

Sales Woman: "Isn't this dress a little young for you?"
Samantha: "Well I don't know, how old do you think I am? (pause) Well I am fifty f***ing two and I am going to rock this dress."

And, of course: getting arrested for having sex in public, pulling down her knickers down to rub ointment into her vagina in a public office, eating huge plates of hummus to counteract the menopause, and dropping packet loads of condoms, screaming "yes, sex, I have sex!" . Hilarious!



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