2010 Fashion Roundup - no.1 - RIP Alexander McQueen

The most important moment in fashion in 2010? It has to be the death of legacy Alexander McQueen.

On the 11th February 2010, just days before London Fashion Week, the devastating news broke around the world. Alexander McQueen had been found dead, believed to have hung himself in his wardrobe. It was later confirmed the 40 year old designer had indeed committed suicide. He was the biggest name in British fashion... where did it all go wrong?

McQueen with Kate Moss

Alexander Shulman (editor of British Vogue) called him a "modern day genius". Vivienne Westwood was "incredibly sorry" to hear the news. Designer Matthew Williamson described his talent as "second to none". To outsiders, he appeared to have everything... but when you delve a little deeper, you begin to understand that even the rich and famous have their problems too.

In 2007, the designer lost his dear friend Isabella Blow. It was said to have hit him hard - she was a huge inspiration to him, and catapulted him to success when she bought his entire first collection in the mid 90's. Blow had suffered from depression, and was found collapsed on her bathroom floor after consuming a  large dose of weed killer.

McQueen had a history of self-harm, attempting suicide twice last year. He had reportedly been suffering from anxiety, depression, and insomnia. His marriage, to husband George Forsyth, had failed. According to Forsyth, he partied hard, most nights, developing a dependance on alcohol and cocaine.  At the time of his death, his fashion line was $50 million in debt.

On the 2nd of February 2010, just days before his suicide, McQueen's mother died. He posted his respect on his twitter page : "RIP mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx." Clues to McQueen's troubled mental state are contained in a sequence of posts on his Twitter page. His posts on the site showed his degenerating state of mind.

An inquest revealed the harsh brutality of the suicide. After searching for suicide tips online, Alexander took a cocktail of cocaine, sleeping pills and tranquillisers. He then slashed his wrists with meat cleaver and a ceremonial dagger, before ending it all by hanging himself in wardrobe with his 'favourite brown belt'.

It's still so sad. He had such talent, such passion, such a drive for success, yet he secretly led a life filled with torment. You think the fashion world is all glamourous parties, expensive diamonds, and social extravaganzas. Despite the show, apparently it's not all its cracked up to be. McQueens former husband explains : 'The truth is, the fashion world is the loneliest place on the face of the planet. It’s a shallow world full of party people and party “friends”. Lee knew that.’

'Lifestyles of the rich and famous', 'how the other half live' - you never know what really goes on behind closed doors. Everybody has their issues, no matter how talented, rich, or popular they appear.

RIP Alexander, you are an amazing person who will be sorely missed.



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