Brush with fashion - students get 30% off!!

When a leading UK cosmetic brand  joins with a leading UK fashion college, you'd expect great things!

And that's what happened, with The Body Shop's 'Brush with Fashion' make-up collection, in association with London College of Fashion. The range is designed with the spring colour pallete in mind, and all the products come combined with brushes, meaning its perfect to pop in your handbag.

OK, so I admit, as a The Body Shop employee, this review may be a bit biased. But to be honest, the seasonal trend makeup never seems to create much excitement. Until this time.... Having had a sneak peak at the collection, I can safely say i can see it being a popular one!



Here are the key pieces in the collection.....




Below: Tailored Cheek Tint, £8.50. Gives a really nice natural flush.

This one is my favourite, by far!! Already being a huge fan of the 'lip and cheek stain' from our core makeup range, I was so excited to see how this tailored cheek tint looked. I've already had a few people coming in to ask for this, and I can understand why.

What makes this product so unique is that its specially designed to adapt to each individuals colouring - it's applied as a clear gel, but then develops into a natural flush pink. But one warning - you do need to wait for the colour to develop. I lathered on the clear gel, applying more, thinking nothing was happening... 3 minutes later I looked like a clown. Not such a good look! Instead, just squeeze the tube to dispatch the gel, and apply it sparingly in sweeping motions across the apples of your cheeks. It looks good on lips too.

Above : Eye palletes, £18 (quite pricey, but you do get 4 eyeshadows, a brush, mirror, and a mini eyeliner)

Above: The pink A la Mode pallete. Make sure you use the right tools - eyelash curlers and a good mascara is essential!

Although I tend to wear browns and golds, I love the grey/pink pallete. It's perfect for creating a smokey eye, as the pigment in it is really strong. Secret tip - wet your brush using the Vitamin E face mist (£7, pictured above), and it creates a more creamy texture that makes the colour much more intense. Use the slanted brush (£9) to apply the darker shade as a liner, which gives a softer effect than a harsh pencil. Use your pencil just to give a bit more definition at the edges of your eye, which will open up the eye area. I love the eyelash curlers by Cosmopolitan, and the Body Shop Divide and Multiply mascara (£11, above) is really good for giving volume and length without clumping the lashes.

Below: The pigment in the A la Mode pallete (the pinky one) is definately stronger, but I the Boho pallete (browns) would be good for day time wear

Another favourite is the illuminating face base. Similar to Benefits 'Girl meets pearl', put it on under your foundation to add a subtle glow to the skin. The light diffusing particles bounce the light back from the face, giving a healthy dewy finish. It also contains community traded marula oil - which is not only really moisturising for your skin, it also provides essential income to over 750 underprivileged women in Namibia, where it its sourced.

Above : lluminating face base, gives a subtle radiance when applied to the skin, but its nothing too obvious or sparkley

The collection features two lip treatments in 01 Pink Cream or 011 Juicy Peach. Whilst I like the idea of having the combined brush and gloss, I found the colours to be a bit bland. Good if you're after a natural finish, but if you're like me (in that you love a statement lip!), I'd stick to the other pieces.

Above : Cute promo

Last in the range are a couple of make-up bags, and a mini brush set. Synthetic hairs (as part of the animal rights campaign, but means they're also much more hygienic), this is perfect for touch-ups on the go. I love the branding design - so cute. Kinda reminds me of the Topshop make-up....


Head to any Body Shop in the UK on Wednesday 16th February to purchase the collection, and also receive:

- 20% off shopping for Love Your Body loyalty card holders (if you don't have one you can sign up there, or if you introduce a friend you both get a free mascara)

- A free skin care product of your choice when spending over £40

- A free carbon eye definer with any 2 makeup items (I love this eyeliner for creating a smudgey, smokey eye, because the pencil is really soft and fluid)


******STUDENTS - head down this Thursday for 30% off all purchases with a valid student card! Perfect excuse to splurge.... 30% is nearly 40%, which is nearly half price, right?! ****************

What do you think? Anything you might be trying?!

I'll keep you posted on how the collection does :)


  1. I love the illuminating face base!!!! Not so keen though on the cheek tint....I don't like the texture personally. Overall though I love the range and i need any excuse to buy make-up. xx


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