Spring windows

Despite the fact its still grey, rainy, and generally miserable outside, the shops have once again succeeded in lifting my mood. Whilst nice and cosy in the shopping centre, the lighter, brighter colours and fabrics displayed in the shop windows reminded me that summer is on its way :)

My favourite one was the Lipsy window. I love all the butterflies and bright colours. Although not somewhere I'd usually shop, I was working in there the other day doing makeovers on customers (with the Body Shop). But let's just say sending me to a clothes shop to work is not a good idea.... by the time I left I'd spent all my wages!! But being in the store all day, the clothes were calling out to me.....  and I realised how little willpower I had -  like a kid in a sweetie shop :P

I also loved Topshop's more minimalist approach - the sunflowers against the sky-blue background and summer clothes on the models. Simple, but so effective.

Again, not somewhere I would usually go into, but Oasis' innovative window display really caught my eye. I love the retro TV style border framing the vintage looking scene inside. But i love the 'reductions' sign even more :P

The last window display that caught my eye was for Accessorize.It's busy, without being cluttered. which I think it sums up the brand really well. After all, accessories are about making an outfit a bit more busy. A minimalist accessory brand would be a bit contracditory!

And after that.... I got chased away by security. Apparently you can't take photographs in the centre..... oops! The things I do for this blog :P

But, as I am studying store design and visual merchandising this semester, there are a few interesting/innovative images I've come across. Have a look:

A boudoir style at Liberty- revives an old fashion glamour

For a kids toy shop, kinda creepy but i quite like it!

ZCMI - a fun a quirky approach

Bergdorf Goodman, using shadows to make a moody, dramatic atmosphere

Check out this one (in the seperate "Ralph Lauren" post below). OK, so its not exactly a spring window, but still, its pretty amazing! Is this what we will expect to see in all stores in a few years time?!




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