Vivienne Westwood T-shirts

YES! I'm in my element. I've found the perfect in every way purchase.

If I said you could get a Vivienne Westwood top for £15, I'd forgive you for not believing me. After I convince you I am telling the truth, you may argue that, even though it is only £15, can you really just justify another T-shirt. Well, that's why this purchase is so perfect.

Because a whole £7 of the T-shirt goes directly to Comic Relief, helping those struggling in unimaginable circumstances in the UK and Africa.

So, not only do you get a Vivienne Westwood T-shirt, but you are also doing your bit for charity. And, it's made from 100% fairtrade organic cotton. A truly guilt free purchase!

Explaining why she’s used her talent to support the campaign, Vivienne Westwood, said “I think it is great to try and do anything you possibly can even if to help just one person. But Comic Relief does more than that.”

And the T-shirts themselves are actually a lot better than your usual charity/designer collaboration, reflecting Westwood's iconic quirky style:

My favourite one - Slim Fit Punk Girl Vest/T-shirt


The T-shirts are an eclectic collection of black and white prints that represent a unique fusion of humour and iconic historical images -  a tribute to all things quintessentially English. Other choices (above) include the Slim Fit Louis XVI T-shirt, the Shakespeare T-shirt, and a couple featuring the Blackadder characters.  There's also a design for kids.... which I'm thinking I could probably pull off?! I love the skull and crossbone pattern!

So, support the cause and head down to your local TK Maxx and pick one of these up. And, after Red Nose Day is over, they'd make great pyjamas :D

As well as the Vivienne Westwoods tees, TKMaxx are also selling Comic Relief bags and scarfs by Liberty. The accessories actually feature the noses in the print! I really love these because, more so than the tees, you'll be able to use them long after red nose day. You have to look really closely to spot the noses!



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