More sun :D

Totally loving the sun at the moment! It's finally come to a proper summer :D

After being pleasantly surprised by my visit to Primark to pick up my orange T, I made a promise to myself that I would go back. But passing by on my lunch hour last week, the place was mobbed, messy and I couldn't quite face it! So I decided to nip in before work on Sunday - definitely the best time to go! I was there as they opened at 10am, which meant not only did I get to browse the shop in peace, but all the stock was neatly laid out and - shock horror - I was able to walk straight up to the till without a mile long queue! Definately worth getting up early for.

So with the sun shining today, it's the perfect opportunity to trial out some of my new bargains: 

 The vest top was only £3, and has a cute quirky dog with glasses printed on it. I've put it on with a plain black strappy top that I got for a few pound from H&M, as it was a bit see through. The hat was half price at £2 - it was just that morning I had been looking at this one from a fancy dress store on ebay, thinking that would be a cheaper way to get a nice one. So I was fair chuffed when I saw an almost identical one for cheaper, and much less hassle. The mustard coloured leggings were £3. I'd been searching for some for ages, however when I put these on my mum commented it looked like I was naked on my bottom half. Next, my dad told me I should get a plastic beak and sit on the fence, I could pretend I was a bird with my yellow legs. Eh....thanks guys, your doing wonderful parental skills are doing great for my self esteem! But, in all honesty, what do they know?! My black pumps are also from Primark, I've had them for a while now. They're so comfy and easy to throw on with everything.

The leopard print scarf is one I've had for about a year - but never worn until today! I bought it from Accessorize as a birthday present for my Mum -then discovered she already had one, so decided to just keep it for myself :D 

I got my ring from Miss Selfridge last month, think it was about £10 or £12. The cuff was £25 from Kookai about two years ago - I wear it all the time, so it was definitely good value per wear. I've put on two different necklaces under my scarf - both bought as presents from my brother from Urban Outfitters. Whenever it comes to birthdays or Christmas's I just send him there - he somehow always manages to pick really nice things!

Kookai cuff and Miss Selfridge snake ring
Necklaces - squirrel/acorn,
and a whistle/anchor/compass one -
very practical for if i get lost at sea!

Now I'm off to top up my tan :-)

Hannah xx


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