Sunny day = Summer Style!

At last! A day with some sunshine coincides with my day off work :D 

I've been working pretty much nonstop the last wee while. Me being me, the hardest part of all this work has been putting on my head-to-toe black uniform each day!! People have been coming the shop with their summer clothes, frappacinos and scarlet sunburn - and i've spent weeks being JEALOUS!!

But today I could finally pop on some summer clothes and get working on my tan :-) My Mum commented "it's the nicest thing I've seen you in for a while...." Not sure if that's a compliment or an insult?! 

The top, skirt and belt are all from River Island. I bought the top a couple of weeks ago in the sale (£25 down to £15), then went in on Wednesday to discover the skirt had been added to the sale (£35 down to £20). I loved the shape of the skirt, high waisted and full - a good "twirley" one as I would have said when I was younger! The shoes were £6 from Primark, and the earrings were an Accessorize 70% off bargain at £2.25. I'm wearing it with this oversized turquoise stoned ring - a holiday present from Greece after nonstop begging my Dad! Think he just got it to shut me up.... but hey, it worked!

(excuse the scabby nails - i just can't keep nail polish on them
for two minutes without it chipping!!)
Makeup wise, I've gone for the new Shimmer Cubes, launched last Friday from The Body Shop. The 4 colour blend really nicely together to really open up the eye and give a nice subtle shimmer. 

The cubes are £16 for a set of 4 colours- but you actually get £96 worth of eyeshadow in them, because the cubes are so thick. So they literally last forever - I got the bronze set for getting a good report card in P6 (i've always been into my makeup!!) - and i still have and use them to this day! Thinking about it, I probably should throw them away now though, yuck. You can apply the colour with the Vitamin E Face Mist , spraying the actual cube to change it to a creamy texture, giving a much more intense and dramatic look. The face mist is also great to use after applying your makeup - a quick spritz just sets it for the day.

My eye makeup essentials - Vitamin E Face Mist, Divide
and Multiply Mascara, The Body Shop 'eyeshadow' and 'slanted' brushes,
Cosmopolitan eyelash curlers

The new Shimmer Cubes - blues, greens and purples

Going back to the clothes - I loved the shape of River Island skirt so much, I ordered a similar one from Motel Rocks last night: 

Looking forward to it arriving!



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