Keep or return?!

Ahhhh. Stupid shops and their stupid sales. ASOS especially - what are you doing to me?! After spending a fortune this week, I decided that was it - no more shopping. I even managed to stay away from town, knowing that "just going for a look" NEVER actually happens....I'm always tempted by something.

But temptation still managed to find me.... from my own room. Opening up my emails, "Oh look, ASOS is having a sale". "Oh look, I have accidently clicked on the link to view the items". "Oh look, there is that nice Motel playsuit I saw earlier. HALF PRICE". And that was that, a couple of clicks and I was left feeling extremely guilty.

So guilty, in fact, that I went to cancel my order. "Orders can be cancelled up to one hour after placing them". Looked at my clock, it had been an hour and TWO minutes....argh! Nevermind, I thought, I can always return it when it arrives.

So it was my plan just to send it straight back once it arrived. Well we all know that wasn't going to happen! It's here, I might as well try it on.... it will never fit, that way I can send it back knowing I've made the right choice.

So I tried it on, and yes it is a bit too big, but not overly so. So now I am in a huge debate over whether to keep it, or return it. So fellow bloggers, I need your help!

Bearing in mind my lack of funds & overflowing wardrobe....what are you thoughts?? Keep or return?!



  1. It is nice, but if you are unsure then you should return it.

  2. Hannah Fuller Return this back to Hemel Hempstead Asos imediatally.... you def own too many clothes! i have heard stories!!!!

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