What I'm wearing today....

More internet shopping I'm afraid!! I can't help it... now that I'm set up with Paypal, it's so easy just to click and buy. No need to even go to the hassle of typing in my card details!

I'd been wanting the leopard print leggings from Topshop for a while now - but they never seemed to have any in my size. By the time they actually got some in my size, it seemed everybody had them.... so I was a bit put off.

Then I logged onto MissGuided, and saw these little gems :D Same idea, but different print. I'm a bit mad for tiger stripes at the moment, having just bought a tiger bodycon dress from Topshop (will post a pic later!).

Leather Jacket - New Look. Blouse - River Island. Belt - Topshop. Headband - H&M. Leggings - Miss Guided. Boots - New Look. 

Love my Ollie & Nic ring. Saw it before I left Aberdeen for
summer, then was gutted when I saw the store in Union Square
had closed down. Was ridiculously happy when I found out
it had moved right next to The Body Shop in the St Nicholas Centre!

With the Aberdeen winter kicking in early this year (apparently it's meant to snow this week!!), I wore it today with my hiking boots to keep my feet nice and cosy. Just as well too, as the fire alarm went off during our Financial Merchandising tutorial. Usually a wee break from Finance would be a godsend, but I wasn't loving standing out in the cold for a full 20 minutes! Good thing I had my leather jacket to keep me nice and cosy.

Also considering getting my hair dip-dyed. Don't know whether to go for just a few subtle streaks at the front (ala Miss Hudgens and Mila Kunis on the left ), or get full lot done (Ashley Simpson style)?? Or just leave my hair as it is?! Thoughts please!


Oh, and just incase you were wondering.... I kept the Motel playsuit. I don't know who I was trying to kid... we all knew i wouldn't be able to return it!


  1. I like you belt and ring! very pretty!
    I would suggest you to have a full dip dyed! :)

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