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If you're a regular follower to my blog, you'll have probably noticed that I enjoy trying a lot of different and specialist gym classes. But with each one costing upwards of £20 a go, you may be asking, how can I afford all this?

Barre at TenPilates - £30 for an hours class

Introduce.... SoMuchMore! Described as an "online wellbeing community", SoMuchMore allows you to access hundreds of health and fitness classes all over the city - everything from yoga, pilates, meditation, martial arts and dance - all for only £89 a month.

You may have heard of Classpass, who operate a very similar system, but what I love about SoMuchMore is, not only it's ease of use, but the fact it also offers additional experiences parallel to fitness - such as nutrition, health and personal growth. It really does give 'SoMuchMore' (Excuse the pun!).


Before discovering SoMuchMore, I have to admit that classes were never really my kind of thing. I found them too inconvenient - never knowing if the class would actually be any good, trying to find one that fits around my busy schedule, then trying to get booked in with limited spaces .... I much preferred to just get up in the morning and go out for a run on my own schedule, knowing I was in charge of my own workout, time and intensity.

But then disaster struck, when I became injured, and a stress fracture in my left femur halted my running passion. For a while, I didn't do any exercise - I was too scared to do anything that might delay what I hoped would be a speedy recovery. But as the months went on, and my injury became only marginally better, it soon become clear it would take a while before I could get back to running. I was lost - I loved exercise, and not being able to do it - both out of fear and pain - was so frustrating. Thus, I sought other alternatives.

And that is where I discovered my love of classes (and SoMuchMore!)....

Reformer Pilates at Core Kensington
You see, with so many studios having signed up to SoMuchMore, there are always classes available. And good classes, at that! All the studios they work with are personally verified to ensure they meet highest quality standards, and ensure you get the workout you deserve. I also love the social aspect to it all - it really is a little community, and I enjoy seeing other SoMuchMore guests at different studios, where we can chat and recommend  each other on the latest classes we've tried, who the best instructor is, what venue has the best toiletries.

Luxury styling stations at Core Collective

Fitness becomes a lifestyle, a hobby. For decades, men have gone out to meet one another for a game of football or rugby, kicking a ball round the park and heading to the pub for a drink afterwards, but women..... I don't think we've had the same thing?  Now, if I have no other plans for the evening, I'll log on to my SoMuchMore and see what classes are available.  Ariel hoop, belly dancing, aqua cycling - even Pole dancing - there's always something different to try.

Ariel classes with Flying Fantastic

Now, I'm not going to lie, the first time I tried Ariel I was hopeless! But after a few sessions, I'd picked up skills and tricks I never thought myself capable of. And because you can combine all types of classes, you're constantly challenging your body, and your muscles, in new and more efficient ways. It's only now that I realise, pumping out the same routine of running and weights week after week - it wasn't only boring, but not even doing me any good, as my body had adapted to do it. For the muscles to grow, they need to be challenged. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulation with Exerceo Training

And, unlike the latest 'fad' diet,  the trend towards fitness is healthy and sustainable - and it's a trend that's here to stay. Just look at the success from the likes of Sweaty Betty and Lululemon - their clothing isn't just for getting sweaty at the gym -  it's fashionable, functional, and everyday - for those busy bee's who want to go straight from dropping the kids at school, to their yoga class, to meeting friends for brunch. It's no longer frowned upon to be sitting in the newest cafe in a sweat top and trainers - in fact, it's almost admired!

Brunch in my gym gear!
So I encourage you, to join this new healthy movement and sign up to SoMuchMore. What have you got to lose? Especially as for all you readers, they are currently offering a free 7 day trial! Simply click on this link to receive your invitation.

TRX at The Fitness Mosaic
Now all you have to do is decide what class to try first! Take a look throughout my blog for the reviews, and keep a look out over the coming months - there's plenty more to come!


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