MOVE YOUR FRAME! Barre at Frame Kings Cross

You may have read my earlier post on how much I enjoyed the Nike plus Frame event (if not then click here!), which was held outdoors one sunny morning in the run up to the opening of the new Frame Kings Cross Studio. After having such a good time, now that the indoor studio is fully open and functioning, I went back to see if its regular classes lived up to the special event.

Nike/Frame event earlier in the year

New studio classes - Reformer Pilates
Whilst Frame holds a variety of fun and invigorating workouts (including 80's Aerobics, Rave Dance, HIIT strength, Punch and Pad, and Dynamic Reformer Pilates), it had to be the Frame Barre I went for - their classic, and my favourite!  

Frame Yoga

What they say:

A ballet and pilates inspired class to sculpt the body using isometric movements to fatigue the muscles as well as stretch and lengthen leaving you feeling firm and elongated.

Frame Barre

What I say:

Having tried (and loved!) a number of different Barre classes, Frame had a lot to live up to, but did not disappoint! What I love about Frame is their fun and feel good ethos - set by the owners, who wanted to create fitness studios that delivered a more positive approach to health and fitness - i.e. more than just regular gym sessions pounding a boring treadmill. Which certainly comes across in their fantastic branding.....

The first studio - only in Shoreditch!

What we did: 
As the name suggests, the class is performed at a barre using basic ballet positions, accompanied with resistance bands and balance balls to give an extra challenge you pull, squat, plunge, pulse and lift into a variety of different poses.

As the class is made up of sequences of small isometric moves, rather than bulking up, these high rep, fast movements are designed to work smaller supporting muscles - leaving me to  discover new ones I didn't know I had! Lengthening and strengthening is what it's all about, replicating the long and lean lines you imagine from all ballet dancers.

On the barre

After a few tracks of thigh and glute burning using the barre, we were into a bit of cardio with jumps and leaps in the centre of the studio, before grabbing our mats for our 'floor' tracks. But no relaxing on the ground quite yet! A track of push-ups, followed by an intense ab workout - leg lifts, sit-ups, pilates 100's, crunches, planks - you name it!

Just as our bodies had reached exhaustion came a much needed stretch - just at the right time! Although lasting a little longer than I'd usually enjoy, this time I felt as though I needed it, and we finished with a lovely relaxation simply lying on the floor listening to the soothing music to calm the mind.

Intensity: 6/10

Not an overly sweaty class, but the burning sensation in my legs as I was pulsing in pliƩs told me I was indeed working. And the satisfying ache the next day? Yep, that confirmed it!

But don't worry, you don't need to be a ballet pro to do the class, as it really does cater to those of all abilities. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous when I saw a few of the long and lean leotard clad attendees in the class, full of posture, grace and elegance.... but there were plenty 'normal' humans there - following over their balances, and forgetting to point their toes.... I was in good company!

Instructor: 9/10
My instructor, Charlotte Oakley, a professional dancer having toured the world performing on a number of luxury cruise ships, has to have been the most elegant and refined fitness instructor I have ever had! She was great - uplifting and encouraging, constantly keeping me on my feet (both literally and figuratively!) reminding me to plie a bit lower, pulse a bit faster, and lift a bit higher.

Charlotte in action!

Ammenities: 7/10

With REN toiletries, hair dryers and straightners in bright and airy changing rooms, Frame has everything you would expect from a luxury boutique gym. My only qualm? The additional charge to borrow a towel :(

Yes, of course you can bring your own, but given classes like these are designed for the busy Londoners, who are heading straight from work before meeting friends for dinner (or is that just me?!), it's a bit of faff! 

REN shampoo and conditioner

Clean, bright showers

But they did redeem themselves with the fantastic in studio shop, selling everything from Lululemon and Nike fitness gear to Hemsley and Hemsley spiralisers and Madeleine Shaw's 'Get the Glow' Cookbook.

Love some nice workout gear!


With a full membership costing £199 per month, admittedly it is a big investment, but the great thing about Frame is that they also offer drop in rates, and each of the classes is individually priced so you can rock up any time and simply pay as you go. A 60 minute Barre class will cost £15 - great value in comparison to their competitors around London, who average £20-£30 per class.

A great cafe for a post-workout smoothie!

Would I go back?

Already have - a number of times! With a jam packed timetable of fun and energetic classes, there's always something to go to, and I hope to try out some of the other specialisms too. Beyonce workshop anyone? See you there!

HAVE to try this one!


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