Fitness Review... Yung Club Pop Up Yoga in Selfridges!

What they say:

YUNG CLUB is the world’s first 225° immersive yoga, light and sound experience.

Our seasonal, sound-reactive, 3D visuals transform exercise into entertainment.

We combine basic ashtanga and kundalini yoga in a low-light studio where a blanket of seasonally commissioned, sound-reactive immersive visuals ensure you'll never have the same experience twice.

Selfridges has a new attraction!

What I say:

After the success of the Psycle Pop Up in the lower ground floor of Selfridges Oxford Street (read my review here), it seems that fitness classes are now an acceptable component of department stores, so I was extremely eager to try  out their next venture - Yung Club Yoga!

The way in....
What we did:

Entering into what can only be described as a big blow up dome, I was firstly mesmerised by all the amazing lights being projected onto the walls, alongside light and flowing music. According to Yung Club, the music informs the visuals, both running parallel alongside one another, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in a full mind/body experience.

The Yoga Pod!
We went through a sequence of traditional yoga poses, combining the usual Down Dog's, Tree Pose and Triangle, with transitions into Warrior 1 (back heel to the floor, toes at 45-degree angle, arms overhead) and into Warrior 2 (similar, but with arms in a parallel position, maintaining the right hip over the right quads, engaging the thighs and sinking down a little more).

Yes, that is my shadow you are seeing on the wall!
So, whilst the yoga poses were actually fairly similar to what you would expect to find in any other yoga class, it was the euphoric, yet oddly calming, combination of futuristic sound, sight and movement that made the Yung Club experience like no other yoga class I've ever tried before!

Intensity: 1/10

OK, so if you're after a hard hitting, energy enduring, endorphin pumping class - this isn't the one to go to. But what Yung Club does offer is something completely different, yet equally valuable.... as I'm beginning to discover with my injury, restoration and rest is just as essential as the high intensity workouts.

Getting ready to begin

Excuse the poor lighting in the images!

Having been to many yoga classes, I do often find my mind wandering - remember that email I'd forgotten to send at work, or that I needed to pick up some more milk from the shop, or what I might make for dinner (tends to be a frequent one!). However, I don't know what it was  - perhaps the mesmerising animations on the wall, or the upbeat yet tranquil and entrancing music - I really did lose myself, switch off my over active brain, and take myself to a completely different place for the full hour.

My favourite part (ironically, as it's this bit that usually has me clock watching in any other class I've been to), was the Savasana, or 'Corpse Pose', to finish. Lying still for around five minutes, in a neutral spine with our eyes closed, this was our time to calm the brain, relax the body and regain our inner strength. Whilst we did say, the instructor visited each class participant individually, giving a deep and generous massage into our neck, shoulders, then up into the crown of our head. Words cannot describe how amazing this felt!

Feet in the air, looking up into the lights

As we began to leave the pose - wiggling our toes, lifting our knees and shaking into our legs, our instructor told us to have a big stretch like we're waking up in the morning. And for the first time ever, I felt as though I'd just had a full twelve hours sleep!

Amenities - 8/10

Despite being located in the ground floor of Selfridges shopping centre, The Yung Club was fully equipped with everything you needed - super cool printed yoga mats, towels, showers, lockers, changing rooms, fresh water, and designer branded sportswear to purchase.

Fresh water

Memoir to purchase

Cause you can never have too many pairs of leggings!

Not only this, but I could even go for a browse round my store EVER after the class had finished - what more could I ask for?!

Price - 9/10

Classes for the Selfridges Pop Up cost £15 - much cheaper the majority of specialist Yoga classes in London, which average between £20-30 for a single session. For this experience like no other, it's a bargain!

Refreshed, relaxed and recuperated! 
Would I go back?

Of course! Whilst the Selfridges Pop Up only lasts until 10th June, the Yung Club lists their various different events on  the website . With each event working on a different 'experience', themes vary from City Lights, to Space and Sea, with new DJ sets and visuals for each - so you're in for a new treat every time!

So visit the website to book your tickets now, before it's to late!



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