Body Combat at LA Fitness

What they say:

Kick, jab and punch your way to fitness in this aerobic based combat class; infusing moves and stances from a range of self-defence disciplines including Karate, Boxing, Tai Chi and Kickboxing. Work hard and burn up to 700 calories per class per hour.

What I say:

I may have just found my new favourite class!! Despite taking  me a while to trial Body Combat, as I wasn't too sure if it would be suitable for my injured leg, I soon spoke with the instructor who assured me I can very much take it at my own pace, and avoid the higher impact moves such as the kicks and jumps.

Ready to begin!

Yet even after omitting the high-impact, I still managed a great workout! With 10 different tracks choreographed to a driving and energetic playlist, each song had its own routine made up of various types of punching, kicking and striking.

Most of the tracks are performed in the Body Combat stance - with one foot behind the other, you lean your body forward and turn at your waist, pre-loading the rest of the body. Hands up in 'boxing gaurd', and you're ready to attack. The second stance is 'front stance' - feet open and abs strong, bringing your fists up to your face, aiming at your opponents nose as you thrash forward.

Don't mess with me!

My favourite part of the class was definately the punching series and, with a variety of Kickboxing, Mui Tai, Taekwondo and Tai Chi moves, there was plenty of them!

The most common punch in Body Combat is called the jab. Performed in the combat stance, you bring out your lead arm and twist the rest of your body. Not only does this give you more momentum behind the punch, but will also work into your abs and strengthen the lower back.


Next, we performed the same move but this time bringing  the back arm forward. Called the jab cross, this brings more power into the move as you drive your full body forward from the opposite side.

Finally, we moved on the upper cut - dropping your rear shoulder to the front, driving your arm up vertically and aiming for your opponents chin. All non-contact of course, but still a great adrenaline rush!

Upper cuts

Intensity- 9/10

With the mix of strength and cardio, this class focuses on speed, power and endurance. Bringing your heart rate up, whilst activating the fast muscle twitch fibers (particularly in the upper body), it's great for both stamina and strength!

Amenities 7/10

Large changing rooms, fully equipped with clean showers, hairdryers and fresh towels, in addition to a welcoming and comfy seating area where you can tuck into the various nutritional supplements on sale, LA Fitness has all the amenities you need for an enjoyable pre and post workout experience. Admittedly, it might not offer the REN toiletries, selection of magazines and smoothie bars that I've discovered  in some of the other gyms I've reviewed, but that's because you go to LA Fitness for a serious workout, not a play!

Value for Money: 10/10

Furthermore, I've not been to any other gym that offers better value for money than LA Fitness! With prices beginning at only £30 a month, the company offers various different membership levels to suit your needs best. Providing accesss to a fully equipped gym, swimming pool, and a timetable packed full of classes, it's a great package, especially taking into consideration many of the boutique classes around London will cost you £20 -£30 for a single hours session. An hour of fitness, for the same price as a whole month? Yep, this is what makes membership at LA Fitness a no brainer!

AND, just incase you're not fully convinced, why not click on this link to  sign up for a free day trial and give it a go yourself. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Would I go back?

Absolutely! Now that I've released my inner warrior, there's no going back. Don't mess with me!!



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