Kate Moss for Topshop - last collection!

It's that time again when every fashionista flocks to Topshop to bag the best Kate Moss pieces from her new range before it all sells out. This time, however, it is different. This time, it is the last collection the model will design for the high-street store.

Philip Green, Topshop boss, claimed that Kate's collections had "lost that edge", and it is believed that his daughter, Chloe (19), will take over as designer. Clearly it pays to be related to Philip Green.... I wonder if he's looking to adopt!?

Nonetheless, Kate has racked in over 3million from the collections... so she can't be  that bad! The latest collection hit stores 2 days ago, and is already selling out fast. Whilst I don't particularly like Moss herself, I do think some of her designs are amazing, and I admire how much involvement she has with them - it's not simply a case of she sticks her name on it to make it sell. Here are some of my favourites from the newest collection:


--------£138 ------------------------------£230

The first one is a favourite from many seasons ago.  10 sell out pieces from the previous 14 collections have been relaunched, and are available to buy once more. At £130 it is pricey, but soooo worth it!

The crochet dress to the right is gorgeous too. So easy to wear, very Alexa Chung-esque. Wayyyyy out of my budget, I can't think of a way justify this one - apart from that I just want it!!

Lastly, this cape is amazing. Made from real chicken feathers, you can imagine it would just look absolutely stunning on. And not just if you look Kate Moss (although that would help!!). And ok, real chicken feathers do have a whole lot of ethical/animal cruelty issues behind it - but we all wear leather don't we? And sorry, but I have seen lots of leather shoes that are not a tenth as nice as that cape!

Watch the video too on Kate and her friends pre-viewing the collection. Yeah, I agree, it's completely staged and unreal , but the clothes do look fantastic!



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