Pleated dresses

Pleated dresses are everywhere just now! For the dresses, I'd say they're best saved for a night out as they tend to look quite formal. If you want to work the trend for daytime, there's plenty of options available that are a bit more subtle - e.g. shirts and tops with pretty pleat detail, flippy skirts etc.

They key with this trend is to keep it simple! There's alot of detail in the pleats, so stick to a plain block colour - prints are a definate no. Here are some of my favourite from the luxury brands.... come on lottery win...

Alexander McQueen, £12,420__________  Alexander Wang, £945

Willow, £1080

Alexander McQueen shows how the trend creates a great shape when in a skirt, and I loved the draped effect in the Alexander Wang piece. The bright pink by Willow is stunning, really eye-catching, and the neck detail is gorgeous.

Now, for some ones we can actually buy :P .....

Carley Stenson wore this gorgeous one to the Inside Soap Awards. Due it being a Z-list celeb event as opposed to the Oscars (sorry Carley!), you can actually buy the exact same one for a reasonable £55 from Love Label at Littlewoods


Love Label at Littlewoods

Some more from the High Street....

_____________Oasis, £60 _______________________ Asos, £85_____________

____________River Island , £39.99__________________Topshop, £55__________

My favourite of those is the Asos one (typical, it's the most expensive!), but you would need to save it for a very dressy occasion. I was drawn to the one by Oasis as it reminded me of the Willow dress with its bright colour. I love how classy the River Island one looks, especially with the black bow in the middle. With bare legs and stilletto heels (or even hiking boots to give it a rockier edge) it would look fab. Be warned though - the River Island shape is one for a curvier figure. I bought it and ended up taking it back - being petite, it just drowned me and looked ridiculous!!

The black Topshop catsuit to the right is perfect for an older customer, very glamourous and classy. With some heavy silver jewellery it would look gorgeous.

I have these ones below. This one was £40 from Miss Selfridge. I made it well known around my birthday last month that I liked it - and my fabulous (!) flatmates got it for me :D It's actually on sale at Miss Selfridge at the moment, down to £30.

Miss Selfridge

The black one is from Topshop, and because its just one shoulder, it suits my smaller frame a lot better than the fuller ones.


I find with the pleated dresses, a skinny waist belt is essential, else it just hangs. I've put this Topshop one with my black and red belt, red Zara heels, red handbag and lippie to add some colour.




  1. did Cher wear the white RI one on the x factor on sat?? xx

  2. more fashion tips for trendy over 40s dads please hannah !!!!

  3. yeah Cher did wear the RI one!! I missed it on Sat...but she's featured in the RI email this week. Well spotted :P xx


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