I refuse to let the cold beat me.... (or my wardrobe!!)

Although I love snuggling up in chunky knitwear come winter time, it does pain me to say goodbye to my summer wardrobe!

Especially this dress. I bought it from Abercrombie & Fitch, when I was in New York in August, hence I didn't exactly get much summer-wear out of it :(

Loved the floral print
Flower from H&M - i love pinning it to jackets,
my hair, handbags etc
Hairband from River Island

So I've teamed it with some leggings, black boots, and a denim jacket - provided I'm not going to be going outside for too long, it works for winter! I'm not really a fan of A&F, i find their brand quite pretentious, but I have to admit I do love some of the clothes. When we were in New York, my flatmate actually went up to the "model" (the title of their shop assistants!) and asked "do you have anything without A&F stamped right across it? Just I really like the clothes, I just hate the branding". Was one of the funniest thing I'd heard - of course, she was right, but only she would have the guts to say it!

 I was just happy looking at the spicy guys with their tops off :P

Wearing the dress in New York on "The Highline" -
a converted old train track that ran through
lower Manhatten, was amazing



  1. I was at work (Hollister) last week.
    I was standing behind 2 customers and listening to what they were saying, and I almost laughed out. they were looking at the cardis, and she said to her friend 'aw i really like this but it hasnt got the 'bird' logo on it', so she just picked another one which she likes less and went to the till. lol


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