One top, endless different looks

Is it just me, or do you tend to always wear the same things, whilst some really nice pieces just get thrown to the side? So last month I did go a bit shopping mad- what with mid season sales and double student discounts, I couldn't resist! In order to justify my new purchases, I've decided to get maximum wear out of them. Take this top for example - £34 from Miss Selfridge, also available in cream. At first I just had it pictured with a pair of high waisted jeans for going to uni. But after a rake in my wardrobe, I discovered it was much more versatile:

So many different options!

So that is my challenge to all of you. Get deep down into the back of your wardrobes, dig out some old pieces you'd forgotten about, and find some new and interesting ways of wearing them. After all, we are in a recession (maybe I should try reminding myself that next time I head into town!).


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