Ballet Conditioning at The Third Space!

Ballet Conditioning at The Third Space!

Ballet Conditioning

What they say
Based on ballet’s warm-up exercises and dance moves, this class is designed to strengthen the core and define the muscles. Find out how tough it is to be that graceful.

What I say

As you all know, I'm a huge fan of Barre, so this similar concept of 'Ballet Conditioning' at The Third Space was one I had to try out. The class is held at both the Marylebone branch and Soho branch, therefore it was my blogger duty to try both :P

First up I tried the Soho class, taken by Nikki. Given it was a Wednesday night at 7.30pm, I must admit I came close to just making my way home to chill out on the sofa, but I'm so glad I didn't - and in fact the class itself was actually very relaxing!  Without an actual ballet bar in the studio, we had to improvise slightly, using one hand to balanced on the wall (our makeshift bar!) as we performed various strengthening exercises for the  legs, involving lots and plies and pulses, peeling our heels off the ground for an extra burn into the thighs.

Attempting to appear graceful!
We moved on to working the arms into some of poses- raising into first and second position and pulsing into the shoulder, before finishing with some ab work on the mat, pushing the feet in and out to feel it work right into the core.

Attempting to keep my spine glued to the floor!

Second, I tried Marylebone class which was taught by Esther, the same instructor who takes their anti-gravity yoga (one I'm also waiting to try!).  And I have to admit, out of every Barre/Ballet Conditioning class I've tried, this one really came out top!

What I loved about this class was the variety and flow of the workout. We started with some light hand weights, giving the upper body an extra workout as we went through the routine.

No bingo wings for us!

Working those Lats!

Again, without a bar in the studio, we 'pretended' against the mirrors, where Esther taught us a fun flow bringing a standing plie up into arabesque (standing on one leg with the other turned out and extended behind the body) facing the wall. Next, we went onto some leg lifts, placing a foam roller behind a bent knee and, in a standing position, pulsing up to the ceiling. Not the easiest to balance, but good fun all the same! Finally, we went into a more traditional use of the foam roller, with some ab work on the floor, tapping the legs onto the ground whilst remembering our pointed toes!

Ab work on the Foam Roller

Intensity: 5/10 (Soho), 7/10 (Marylebone)

As I say, the Soho class was quite relaxing, and I left feeling very zen. Marylebone, on the other hand, was my preferred option - slightly more intense with the likes of the foam roller and hand weights making me feel I'd worked that little bit harder! 

Instructor: 10/10 

Both instructors really were fantastic, and  each instructor did the class quite differently so it's nice to try both and see who's style is your personal preference!  

I explained to Esther at Marylebone that I had tried various Barre classes and, up until trying hers, it was X-tend Barre that had been my favourite. Funnily enough, she then revealed it was actually X-tend Barre where she had completed her training, being one of the first instructors to bring it to the UK around five years ago.

Amenities: 10/10

Anyone who has read my previous posts will know The Third Space doesn't fall short on this one; REN toiletries in the toilets, REDKEN hair products in the showers, GHD's in the changing rooms, and even a laundry service to return your gym kit fresh and clean to your locker!

Value for Money : 5/10

Membership to The Third Space comes in at £150 per month which, although sounds expensive, is actually £100 cheaper than a membership at the leading Barre studio- BarreCore - where you can really do one type of class. Given with The Third Space you can attend a full range of specialist classes, alongside usage of the gym, pool and sauna, my preference would certainly lean here!

Would I go back?

As you can see, I already have!


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