Where to Eat in London.... At home with Musclefood!

With the summer weather now coming into play, I'm taking every opportunity  I can to get out in the garden on the BBQ. With the usual mix of fatty beef burgers and sausages, BBQ's food isn't  notoriously known for being all that healthy, however with there's a new kid in town who's about to change all that.... MuscleFood!

We have the veg, carbs, now bring on the meat!

MuscleFood is a sport and nutrition company, with a mission to provide the best lean meats and supplements on the market,  enabling anyone interested in sport, health and fitness to get all the nutrients they require at a cost effective price. They sell a range of fresh meats, including lean steaks, mince, burgers, sausages and poultry, in addition to healthy snacks (nuts, bars, cereals.... even 'edible protein insects') and specialist sports supplements (protein drinks, creatine, fat burners).

My MuscleFood box

Intrigued by the site and their wide offering, I decided to give their MuscleFood box a try!

Initially, I was a bit worried about the delivery - I'm at work all day, so if there's not somebody home, surely the fresh meat would go off if left 'in a safe place'? But I needn't have worried - all their fresh food comes sealed in temperature controlled boxes, complete with hydrated gel ice sheets and bubble wrap - all keeping it nice and cool. To demonstrate just how far they go to ensure the freshness of their produce is maintained, they asked me to do a 'Musclefood unboxing' video to explain the concept a little further....

As you can see, I received a lot of fantastic things.... perfect to get stuck into!

Chicken Breasts - 6 protein packed fresh chicken breasts, with no added water or salt, I made these into a lovely roasted chicken and butternut squash salad.

My signature dish

Minced Turkey Breast and Minced Chicken Breast-  - Significantly different to the poultry mince you would buy in the supermarket (when you don't really know what part of the animal has been minced up!!), these minces comes from 100% breast meat, making it healthier and lean. I  mixed it with a little egg white and breadcrumbs for binding, then added some soy sauce, herbs and red onion for flavouring, before shaping into 4 burger shaped patties. Then I cut a cube of mozerella cheese and pressed it down into the centre of one patties, covering it over with the surrounding mince, then straight onto the BBQ for a delicious turkey burger with a hidden cheese surprise!

Burger Patties

Chicken Breast Sausages - Low fat sausages?! I didn't think this existed.... or not ones that tasted this good anyway! With 15g of protein and only 1g of fat per sausage, these are the perfect healthy addition to the BBQ :-)

Beef Hache Steaks - Not all that common in the UK, yet a French classic, these steaks are made from free-range, Irish grass fed cattle. Admittedly, these were more like a burger than a steak.... but a very good burger at that!

The leanest sausages and steaks you'll find

High Protein Pizza - A stonebaked gluten free pizza, with a protein rich base made from Buckwheat flour, Tapioca starch and Pea Protein, despite containing 1/5th of the carb content of regular pizzas, this tasted just like the real thing! Although I was initially a bit wary of the texture (it was slightly more grainy than I'm used to!), there was plenty flavor and, given the fantastic protein content (67g per pizza!!), it's definitely something I could put up with. I tried out both flavours - the Serreno Ham and Mushroom, and Chicken and Red Pepper - the latter was my favourite, but only marginally, and I'd definitely order both again for a guilt free pizza evening.

Serreno Ham Protein Pizza

100% Cocoa Mass - Made from the finest origin cocoa from West Africa, with no added sugar or preservatives, this had a gorgeous richness with no bitter aftertaste! Perfect to use with baking, I added them to these deliciously healthy blackbean brownies, using this recipe by the Hemsley and Hemsley sisters.

A delicious yet healthy treat!

Stevia Drops - Made with natural Stevia, I love squeezing a couple of drinks into my coffee to add the same flavour as a Starbucks syrup, but without the sugar, carbs.... or cost! You can even make your own caramel 'Frappacino' - just mix a shot of espresso (cooled in the fridge) with a glass of ice cubes, a spoonful of Xanthum gum (used to thicken), and 4 drops of Caramel Stevia (add more or less depending on your preference). Whiz it all together in a blender and pour in a glass, and enjoy your guilt-free Starbucks treat!

Homemade Frappacino

So give MuscleFood a shot and take advantage of a healthy BBQ feast! They are currently offering free delivery for a limited time online, and you can even use my code HFL5OFF for 5% off the entire range!

The sign of a successful BBQ, with little left over!

Boys - playing with fire

Girls - drinking wine!


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