Murad Facial at The Third Space Spa

Alongside my trial of the fitness classes at The Third Space, one of W1's finest gyms, I was invited for a Murad Facial at their Spa - a lovely tranquil space located on the ground floor of the gym, offering a luxurious range of treatments from facials and massages, to pedicures and tanning.

Spa Reception

Murad products
Murad products
When I entered the peaceful salon, I was greeted by the friendly receptionist, offered refreshments, and given a form to fill in. Not only did this ask the usual questions - allergic reactions, skin concerns etc - but also quizzed me on some more personal attributes - from when I last did something for myself (that day, I had been for a swim), to anything I would like to change about myself (height...unfortunately I don't see them assisting with that one!),  to my stress levels (a high number 9, apparently). Luckily, the treatment I was about to receive would change that!

Question time!
We walked into the beautiful treatment room, and discussed my skin concerns. A skin analysis showed I have combination skin - dryer on the cheeks and more congested on my chin, which the therapist explained is hormonal. The joys of being female!

The 'extraction' steamer
As a a result, we first off started with some 'extraction'. Yes, this is the word used - how glamorous! This involved using the steamer to open my pores, and pressing down to release any congestion or blackheads - lovely.

Next up we went in to the facial. Given I didn't have any major skin concerns, we went with the Vitamin C Boosting treatment.  Who doesn't want a bit of a skin boost? This involved a gentle cleanser, massaged into the face, followed by various different serums and lotions. Now, I have to admit that, although I am a bit of beauty junkie, I am always a bit skeptical as to whether these things actually make a difference. However, the serum she used contained the Vitamin C 'active ingredient', which quite literally activates when applied to the skin, giving a pleasant warming sensation that assures you it's really working. Designed to reduce the effects of city-living, this instant release of brightening anti-oxidants was a pleasant relief.

Lotions and potions

Whilst the serum got to work, I was giving a lovely massage into my shoulders - where I was holding a lot of tension. I've got to admit, I had considered cancelling the treatment as I was just to busy to sit and relax for an hour.... which says a lot in itself! As the therapist explained, we need to do things like this for ourselves more regularly - making the time to relax is a vital to our health, therefore something we must learn to prioritise to ensure our wellbeing.

The treatment room

Leaving the salon not only with noticeably brighter skin, but also feeling more zen and relaxed than I have in months, I couldn't agree with her more!

A skin analysis and some samples to take home

The Vitamin C infusion treatment costs £80 for 60 minutes, with members of The Third Space receiving a 10% discount on this price. Email to book in and experience it for yourself.


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