Where to Eat in London.... Breakfast at L'ETO Soho

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day, and also my favourite! Anyone who knows me knows I can't function until I'v had my bowl of porridge and gallon of green tea - a combination I never tire of!  So, when I was invited to try out the new breakfast menu at L'ETO in Soho, given it would involve forgoing on my favourite meal of the day, I had high expectations. But I can assure you, it did not disappoint!

L'ETO Soho
As we entered at 11am, we were greeted by the friendly waitress who had been expecting us. The sign of a great restaurant, every table was taken, apart from a perfect little slot which had been reserved for our visit. As we sat, we were presented with an extensive menu, with everything from granola and omelettes, to hot drinks and cocktails!

So pretty :-)

Craving my morning coffee, I ordered a large skinny cappuccino, which came beautifully presented with a little the milk shaped into a cute little butterfly. After trying to figure out how they manage to do that (was it a stencil?!), we eventually resorted to Google, and discovered the world of 'coffee art'. Take a look - some of the stuff they do is amazing!!

Anyway, back to the point.... Just as I was feeling super smug with my pretty looking coffee, Joe's AMAZING Blueberry Tea arrived in a huge glass canister style jug.

Blueberry Tea

Now, I'm not usually a fan of fruit teas as I find the flavour usually a little too weak, but this one was absolutely delicious - strong, sweet and fruity. Yep, I was suffering from some serious drink-envy!

Healthy and tasty choice

Glancing over the food options, everything sounded delicious....and I even spotted my go-to breakfast of choice, porridge! But this wasn't my usual instant microwave oats, but a creative Orange, Honey and Almond Creamy Semolina Porridge, prepared with a choice of whole, skimmed, almond or soy milk. Usually my order would be a no brainer when porridge is on the menu, but there were so many appealing options that I couldn't help but branch out! Tempted by the Buckwheat pancakes, French toast with caramelised red plums, and Eggs florentine, I eventually decided on the Egg white omelette- with salmon, spinach, tomatoes and feta cheese, accompanied with freshly made Sourdough toast. It was delicious - whilst it can be hard to get the right texture using only egg whites in an omelet, this was cooked to perfection- slightly runny on the inside. Although egg white omelets can be notoriously a bit tasteless, combined with the tomatoes, spinach, cheese and salmon, you'd be crazy to say there wasn't enough flavour!

Perfectly cooked

Joe, on the other hand, went for the Quinoa Granola, accompanied with diary free coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit salad. I must admit, his choice was a bit of a surprise when there was Blueberry Pancakes and Nutella Crepes on offer, but he too seemed tempted by the deliciously healthy offer! And I can't blame him, it looked lovely when it arrived- perfectly presented on a wooden board with the three components in seperate little bowls.

Granola, yoghurt and fruit salad
The granola was perfectly crunchy, covered with seeds on the outside, and we were really impressed with the diary free coconut yoghurt, which was lovely and light but equally creamy. As we tucked in to our delicious meal, the waitress visited a number of times to check everything was OK, topping up our glasses of water and offering us more hot drinks. Great service all round!

Need to Know

Best part: Definitely the options - it's not everywhere that you would find an Egg White Omelette on the same menu as Nutella and Ice Cream Crepes..... but why not?! With such a great selection, it means L'ETO is somewhere I, being health conscious, can go and enjoy, yet I can easily take someone who couldn't care less about what they eat, and they can enjoy too. Win :-)

Worst part: That I left forgetting to ask how they make their Blueberry Tea!

Cosy and initimate

Best for: Obviously we went early morning for breakfast, which I would definitely recommend, but they also have a delicious lunch time menu too. Equally, with an amazingly tempting range of deserts also on display, it's the perfect place to meet with a couple of friends to catch up over coffee and an afternoon treat. An all rounder!


Cakes in the window

Price: Fairly standard. With main dishes priced from £3.80 for a simple Sourdough Toast, to £12.50 for the more virtuous Eggs Royale with Salmon and Avocado, most dishes come in at around £8-£10. Great value considering the generous portion size filled me up right until dinner, which is extremely unusual for me - usually I'll have lunch and at least two snacks in between!

Would I go back? Yep! Having spotted the tasty looking salads going out as we left, I definitely want to give that lunch time menu a go! All in the name of research, of course :P

Hope to return soon!

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