TRX at The Third Space Marylebone

TRX at The Third Space Marylebone!

What they say:
Using the Total Resistance eXercise (TRX) straps, this class will offer a full body workout using your own body weight. Now also in a 30 minute High Intensity Training (HIT) edition!

What I say:
A 30 minute class (I didn't realise I'd booked in for the HIT edition!), it was jam packed with lots of TRX exercises to work the whole body. We began with 15 minutes of leg work, involving Piston Squats (great for the thighs, a killer for the mind!), TRX Lunges, and Runners  - where you suspend from the TRX in a chest-press like position, then 'bounce' your knees up to your chest (with my injury I got away with gently placing my knees up to my chest!).

Then we moved on to upper body, with a back to back combination of Back Rows, Tricep Dips, Bicep Curls and Atomic Press Ups. This latter was my favourite, performed with the feet hanging from the TRX, going down into a regular press-up before bringing the knees into your stomach. You should try this one if you want to feel a burn on your abs!
Chest Press

Back rows

Continuing to work through the obliques, we positioned our feet up into the TRX once again and, going into a handstand position, walked our hands back and forward. This one was a killer - although it looked super easy, I can assure you it was not! Finally, we finished with some abdominal pikes, walking out then hands and then bringing the knees into the abs whilst maintaining a neutral spine. Any exercises on TRX suspension trainers requires strong abs, so exercises like these are really 'core' (sorry for the bad, I just couldn't help myself!) .  . .

Walking it up

Keep it going!

Intensity: 6/10
This was a funny one! Given the class wasn't cardio based, it wasn't overly intense, but I could certainly feel my muscles working hard. But don't worry, although I've been told I have surprisingly strong upper body strength (should  I take this as a compliment or insult?!), you don't need to be built like Popeye to join the class. Because the TRX gives you an extra level of support, depending on your positioning, you can make it easier or harder, which allows for great levels of progression as you get stronger.

Standing up right - a lower intensity, hence the smile!

Instructor: 8/10
My instructor was Andrew, the same PTI who takes the Gymnastics Conditioning Class I reviewed earlier.  Infact, I've yet to attend a class where it isn't him teaching! Not that it's a bad thing - he clearly knows his stuff!  I only hope the guy gets a day off :P

With REN toiletries in the changing room, Redken hair products, Parlux hairdryers and GHD straightners, The Third Space really comes out top on this one! They even offer a wash and press service, where they will launder any old gym gear and place it back in your locker, fresh and ready for the next workout. Now that's convenience!

Value for money:
Membership at The Third Space costs £150 per month, so whilst it's not a 'budget' option, you certainly do get what you pay for. With full use of the gym, climbing wall,  swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and unlimited access to classes, the investment in your health is worth it!


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