Suspensions at The Fitness Mosaic, Chalk Farm

What they say:

Real strength is being able to lift your own body weight and anyone can learn how to with suspension training. Excellent for strengthening muscles, joints and core, this class will accelerate your body’s capabilities in no time.

What I say:

Ok, so I admit, given the name of the class was 'suspensions', I was a bit disappointed when I turned up to the class to find out the class was TRX training, something I'd already tried a few times. Nonetheless, my disappointment didn't last long, as we got stuck straight into a hard core bodyweight workout!

What we did:

The class began by working the lower body - the part I least like training. However, I took it quite easy, having to be quite careful in what I did due to my stress fracture. First up was squats, holding onto the TRX for a little support, then lunges, with one foot hooked in the handle.

Moving on to upper body, we did a superset of chest presses (moving our body weight back and forward whilst holding onto the ropes), and flyes (bringing our hands in front of our bodies to work those pecs!).

For our backs, we did TRX low rows, leaning back as far as possible and squeezing the shoulder blades to bring us to a standing position.

Finally, ending on a high, it was abs. Usually my favourite part to work, but this one was a killer! Putting our feet in the handles and facing away from the centre, we started super setting 'spiders' - bringing each leg up to the side in turn, with 'mountain climbers' - bringing both knees to the chest, and back to vertical again.

Finishing with suspended planks and TRX glute raises. my body was shaking!

Intensity: 7/10

Again, not a cardio class, so not super intense, but very good for working your muscles. The moves were done in supersets, where you go straight from one exercise to another without a break, meaning although the active muscles get a rest as  you switch between sets, the body is constantly under pressure. Furthermore, within each exercise, we did a program of 2x8 full reps, followed by 2x8 short 'pulses', then held the pose for 16 counts. No wonder I was in agony!

Instructor: 8/10

I really take my hat off to our poor instructor, Diana. Not only was it her birthday the day before, but she was taking three classes back to back - and the first one was a complete surprise to her, as the instructor had called in ill! All things considered, she did a fantastic job at keeping the class motivated and interested.


Spacious changing rooms, REN toiletries in the showers, and a large dressing bar complete with straighteners and hairdryers. Throw in a welcoming reception area, complete with an amazing fresh juice and smoothie bar.... The Fitness Mosaic impressed me here!

Value for Money: 10/10

With these amenities and a fantastic range of classes, based on some of the boutique gyms I've reviewed around London you probably wouldn't be shocked if I told you it was £20 a class. Bookings for an individual class are a reasonable £10, however a months all inclusive membership costs only £55. Given this includes full access to all the specialist classes AND a seperate fully functionable gym (it's unusual to find somewhere offering both!), The Fitness Mosaic is amazing value for money!!

Alternatively, sign up to SoMuchMore, where you can experience a range of specialist classes at different studios all over London (from yoga, to spinning, to ariel - even tango and salsa!). Visit and you can sign up for a free 7 day trial. What have you got to lose?!

Would I go back?

Had The Fitness Mosaic have been closer to where I live, I'd be signing up for a full membership immediately. Unfortunately, given it's a bit further away, it's not quite as convenient. Nonetheless, with such a fantastic range of classes on offer, it's worth the commute to trial some more. I'd like to see their take on my favourites Barre and Body Balance, and also try some new ones - Grit Strength, Muay Thai and, once my leg recovers, perhaps even Boxing!


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