Fitness Gadget Review - MioFuse Fitness Watch

Given the craze of the moment seems to be all these fitness tracking devices, it has been on my list of what next to explore. But with so many choices, which would I go for? Introduce MioFuse - the new device launched from pioneer in heart-rate monitoring MioGlobal.

Best Points 


The thing that has always put me off doing any heart rate based exercising is that annoying
strap you have to wear round your chest - so uncomfortable, and the one I tried before couldn't even find my heart rate! The great thing about the MioFuse it can be simply  worn round your wrist as a watch, making it convenient and comfortable to use. The length is adjustable, and the watch comes in two sizes to ensure a comfortable fit. If in doubt, I would recommend the larger one - even with my tiny wrists I had to adjust towards the largest end of the smaller size.



Using an elctro-optical cell censor technology to measure the volume of blood under the skin, the MioFuse will monitor your daily movements, providing you with information on heart rate, step count, distance travelled, speed, pace and calorie burn. For me, what really sets this device apart from the others is it's water resistance. Having recently taking up swimming (less impact on my injured leg), it's great for making sure I'm still getting my heart rate up and a decent workout. What I love is that the device will vibrate when you drop a heart-rate training zone, which is great motivation to pick up the pace again!

Todays calorie burn


The information is displayed on the screen, which is activated with a simple touch. You can then tap the little button on the right hand side in order to scroll through to your steps, dist etc. All the information is uploaded the app on your smartphone, where you can keep a log and track your averages. 

The app - syncing your last workouts

Weight loss

For those looking at weight management, with the MioFuse providing an accurate record of how many calories you're burning, it's a great motivation to help you on your way! Science has proven it takes 3500 calories to gain or lose one pound of body fat. So, if your MioFuse tells you that you're daily burn is 2,000 calories, you know you can either drop your consumption to 1,500 per day, or squeeze in a workout to create the same deficit for an easy and sustainable weight loss :-)  To make it even easier, you can also configure daily goals - targeting steps, calories or distance, which is displayed on the device via a progress bar.

Progress bar (note - I took this photo first thing in the morning, hence zero towards my step goal!)

Worst Points

Sleep Tracking

Unlike a few of its competitors, the MioFuse currently doesn't offer sleep tracking. Being a complete insomniac, any assistance with sleeping is something I am always on the lookout for! However, given the device already has the facility to track resting heart rate, I've been informed the sleep tracking function is something they are looking at adding via a firmware update. Let's hope it comes soon!


Although the battery life was good (around 4/5 days before needing charged), I found the watch would often fall of the charger - meaning I'd go back to put it on and find I still have an empty battery! It does come with a USB charger, you just need to be careful to attach it correctly into the two pins.

Would I recommend it?

For those who are serious about sport, yes, definitely! Overall I thought it was a great device. Although it was a little more complex to use than some of the other fitness watches (e.g. FitBit), I'd say this is because it gathers much more in depth data and therefore has much greater tracking capabilities. I'd say the FitBit is more of a 'soft' option (if that makes sense at all!). It's good for basic information, easy to understand and a bit more fun to use, however MioFuse is definitely the superior option for someone taking their exercise program more seriously!


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