Where to eat (not just in London this time!).... Meal delivery from BodyChef!

Ok, I'm the first to admit, I'm a lazy cook. It's not that  I don't enjoy it, because I do, but by the time I get home in the evening, look in the fridge, the last thing I want to do is spend 2 hours preparing some food- I just want to eat! (meaning the microwave has become my weekday best friend).

However, as microwave ready meals tend not to exactly fit in with my healthy living ethos, I was needing a new alternative. Discover BodyChef - a health food delivery company, sending freshly prepared and packed meals straight to your door.

The delivery

When I was first invited to give BodyChef a go, I admit I was a little reluctant - The last thing I need to do is sign up to a weight-loss diet plan! However, I was soon reassured this wasn't the case....  the great thing about BodyChef is that they will tailor a plan to allow you meet your own individual goals. Explaining I would like to tone up and add some muscle, their expert nutritionist advised I base my menu on their low GI option – a high protein plan, rich in wholegrain, slow release carbohydrates to provide sustained energy during exercise. For those who are looking for more of a weight loss plan, they have everything from Low Carb, Paleo, Gluten free, Detox and Dukan Diet plans available.

After selecting my menu of choice, I entered my height, weight and activity levels  to the online system to create my personalised plan. After working out how many calories I would burn each date, and how many calories I require to maintain my current weight, BodyChef then designs a healthy balanced diet plan of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

What I loved is that only does the plan contain to the correct amount of calories for you to reach your goal, but also considers the different nutrients required, and provides the correct ratio of carbs, protein and fat... which is really what a healthy diet is all about - balance! After they had produced my specifically tailored menu for the week, I was then even able to personalise the prescribed plan to suit my own tastes - so, for example, I replaced some of the cold lunches with hot dishes, and swapped a couple of the dinners for some of my traditional favourites. A couple of days later, and the food was delivered straight to my door (well, actually left with my neighbour in a safe place), in a temperature controlled box...

Temperature controlled box

'Cupboard ingredients'
Best Part - The food was absolutely delicious, and such variety as well. My favourite dishes had to have been the Turkey bolognese and the beef goulash, but the chocolate brownies, at only 139 calories each, were also to die for!

Turkey bolognese
Beef goulash, served with pasta

Chicken and Chilli Chickpea Salad
Italian Chicken

Blueberry muffin
Blueberry Tofu Delight
Different fresh fruit pots each day

Worst Part - I have to admit, I wasn't so keen on the fact I had such a prescribed plan - I like to pick and choose, and would hate to turn down a lovely restaurant meal because I had my little box to put in the microwave! Having said that, the great thing about BodyChef is their meals are all freezable - meaning I could still dine out and pop that nights box away for another time.

Beef Chilli - restored from the freezer! 

Best for - Although it can be used for any goal, BodyChef is definately best suited to those looking to lose weight. The free weight loss estimator uses your details to provide estimate date and time it should take you to reach your target weight all based on a  calorie controlled diet , and free weekly weigh-in prompts tracks your progress and adjusts your target dates depending on your progress. Taking the stress out of shopping, cooking and calorie counting, it's  a pretty full proof!

Add caption

Price: Price wise, BodyChef is quite expensive, beginning at £17.98 each day for the 1200 calories plans. As I went for the 2000 a day calorie plan, mine was obviously more expensive, however the more days you order, the cheaper the plan becomes. Unlike many other of these services, there are no hidden charges as everything is included - deliveries, plan hops (meaning you try Mediterranean diet one week and Dukan diet the next) and food swaps (e.g. switch your chilli con carne to beef goulash.... although actually both were equally as good!).

A 'typical' lunch....

..... but can easily be swapped for a 'hot' dish!

Would I order again? Although I hope not to reach the stage where I need to lose weight (!), if I ever do, I would definitely return to BodyChef!  By taking out all the things that get in the way of losing weight (preparing meals, watching calories, controlling portion sizes), it really is a no brainer for success!

However, whilst I hope I don't need to ever use it for losing weight, should I ever climb the ladder so high that I am time-poor, money-rich (a stage I do hope to reach!), I would return to BodyChef. Not as a weight loss tool, but as a convenient and healthy way to live and eat well, no matter how busy a lifestyle. It's not just for dieters!

Coffee and a brownie... bliss


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